Commercial refrigeration company

During its quarter century of existence STAF has developed significant know-how in COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION.
Indeed, it had the privilege of supporting several partners operating in the retail, logistics and “HORECA” sectors in their development.


STAF has supplied and commissioned refrigeration machines and installations, cold rooms and ice factories, to various supermarket chains (hypermarkets and supermarkets), in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria and Cameroon.
For each of these brands, we have carried out a specific study for the sizing, selection and installation of the proper equipment.
The majority of these large surfaces being in urban areas and of different size and geometry, we have, each time, adapted our choices to the actual data of the building as well as those of its environment.

Studies prior to the construction of refrigeration and store regulation installations must take into account specific constraints relating to :

  • Energy saving
  • Optimization of machine yields
  • Clutter
  • Control of noise pollution
  • Controlling the propagation of vibrations and resonances in the building

In the implementation phase we ensure :

  • The supply and installation of cold production machines, cabinets and eclectic wiring, refrigerated cabinets, ice cream factories, thermal insulation equipment and BMS (building management system).
  • Refrigeration and electrical connections.
  • Pressurization for testing refrigeration circuits.
  • The refrigerant charge.
  • Commissioning and adjustments after start-up (determination of defrost cycles, expansion valve settings, etc.)
  • The installation and the fine configuration of the BMS.

In summary, for our partners in this sector we offer:

  • Expertise in defining needs, both for new construction and for remodeling
  • The supply of “tailor-made” equipment and the execution of the site
  • Handling and mastering several types of fluids
  • The implementation of a BMS system for energy control and remote supervision.
  • Preventive and curative maintenance


What characterizes split logistics stations is the large quantities of food products that pass through them, with very high door opening frequencies. This increases the risk of breaking the cold chain.

In addition, the ceilings of this type of refrigerated premises are generally quite high. This can lead to stratification phenomena.

This is why we pay particular attention, when designing this type of project, to minimizing the infiltration of outside air, as well as ensuring good air homogeneity inside the refrigerated premises.

Air should be blown through it at sufficient speeds and in sufficient quantity to reach all products in storage or in transit equally.

The reception and delivery areas are unquestionably the most delicate thermally, as they depend on the handling methods implemented.

In order to minimize losses due to handling in these areas, a list of recommendations is sent to the partner when the station is commissioned.

Given the high powers generally installed for this type of project, we offer solutions integrating energy-saving technologies.

For hotels and restaurants, we offer efficient and high-performance refrigeration solutions. Cold production machines can be individual or centralized, but in both cases they are low noise.