Compressorized machines


By COMPRESSORIZED MACHINES we mean central refrigeration units, condensing units or simple refrigeration units.

The role of a refrigeration machine is to provide heat transfer to stabilize the temperature and guarantee a balanced operating cycle at all times.

Starting from the physical and thermal characteristics of the premises and the bodies to be cooled, we will study and fix, according to your needs, the heat exchange to be implemented as well as the machines to be installed.

Among the industrial refrigeration equipment that we supply, compressorized machines are among the most important. We offer our professional customers high quality compressorized machines, which can meet the needs of the various sectors of agri-food and logistics / distribution.


A refrigeration plant is all the high pressure components of a refrigeration system serving several evaporators. It is the assembly of compressors, two or more in number, on the same support, in order to supply the same refrigerant circuit(s) with refrigerant. Compressors can be scroll type or semi-hermetic reciprocating or screw type. This assembly is commonly used in industrial refrigeration in the context of installations such as cold rooms, tunnels, ice factories, industrial exchangers or refrigerated display cases, etc.

Among the advantages of this system:

  • It makes it possible to adapt to the actual energy consumption demand.
  • It prevents cold production from stopping in the event of a compressor incident.
  • It provides extra power in the event of an increase in heat.
  • It is relatively energy efficient.


This is a refrigeration system essentially consisting of a motor-compressor, a liquid tank and possibly a condenser. All pre-assembled from the factory.

Compressors can be scroll type, semi-hermetic piston or screw type.


It is a compact unit grouping together on the same frame the unit or the refrigeration unit with the condenser.

Industrial refrigeration technologies require efficient and reliable refrigeration equipment in order to exclude any risk of breaking the cold chain and therefore major consequences. This is why our teams of engineers and specialized technicians design, install, develop and ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment supplied, in compliance with environmental and safety standards.