Production of refrigeration solutions and installations

STAF is proudly a Maghrebian and African company. Our field of expertise is around  industrial refrigeration. Our customers benefit from our wide range of services including studies, implementations, maintenance and reparation of all types of refrigerating installations.

A history rich with references

Our company was founded in 1996. Back then, we were essentially 10 people. However throughout the years, our ambition and commitment in fulfilling our objectives became the key in developing our activity quickly and efficiently.

We are always fully engaged to satisfy our customers’ expectations for quality refrigeration systems and meet the demand in a market constantly growing.

Energy and environmental respect are in the heart of our project. Creating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions is our daily source of motivation.

We strongly believe that  hard work always pays. There is no doubt that being a major player in the deployment and installation of refrigeration equipment in Africa is not an achievement made by chance.

Experience and proficiency in industrial refrigeration

Our many years of experience in the field of industrial refrigeration have allowed us to build a solid  know-how and creative processes. We can support you in all stages of your project :  from the design to the implementation and follow up. You can surely count on our experts’ knowledge to  set up your refrigeration installations. And you will get an excellent storage of food for consumption in return

Seriousness, quality and responsibility are the credo that rule our interventions and make our engineers such confirmed experts in the field of industrial refrigeration.

Principles that guide our actions

  • Use our resources smartly and innovate in used processes to launch efficient solutions which are « environment-friendly ».
  • Play our role to promote Tunisia as a privileged destination for the African countries with a view to local development.
  • Respect the requirements of international rules of hygiene and high standards certification while presenting a premium quality service to meet our various customers needs.
  • Satisfy our stakeholders expectations but ensuring a full respect of confidentiality , strategic objectives and international standards for safety and environment protection.
  • Giving close and thoughtful attention to the “food safety” aspect of the proposed solutions.