We believe that having access to healthy and affordable food products at all times should be within everyone’s reach.

We have chosen to develop environmentally friendly technologies to store and process food for consumption, using the finest methods.

We are convinced that lasting success can be achieved through quality choices, an innovative vision and a modern and flexible production system.

We devote the most total respect to our environment, starting with our partners (customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.) to our planet as a whole.

As STAFROID Group, we want:

  • An intelligent use of our resources, the equipment we offer as well as energy to satisfy our environment as much as possible.
  • To create efficient processes to avoid pollution or waste.
  • To act with respect for the environment in our investments and in our processes.

As STAFROID Group, we take responsibility for

  • Further promote Tunisia and the STAFROID group in our continent, producing quality solutions and in the fastest way.
  • Meet the needs of all parties with whom we collaborate in accordance with strategic objectives.
  • Meet the requirements of international hygiene rules and international certification.
  • Implement innovation practices through creative and innovative practices.
  • Position ourselves at the forefront of our industry by managing our processes, integrated with Customer Satisfaction and Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety management systems.
  • Make our experiences and all our resources and feedback from our customers – respecting the rules of confidentiality, objectively and fairly – in the “Customer Satisfaction” and offer solutions in the fastest possible way.
  • Design and use products and services that respect our environment.

We are committed to constantly improving the quality of our products and services, through continuous training programs and through adherence to the most recent national and international regulations.