Control cabinets and electrical and regulation accessories

STAF provides turnkey solutions including a plethora of control cabinets and electrical and regulation accessories to guarantee an optimal use of your refrigeration machines.

It also offers comprehensive “Centralized Technical Management – CTM (GTC)” systems allowing the remote management and monitoring of refrigeration installations, as well as the optimization of their functioning.

Energy saving aspects

STAF supplier of comprehensive industrial and commercial refrigeration solutions, offers its customers premium quality refrigeration equipment.

At the same time, it puts at your disposal electrical and regulation accessories that precisely suit the distinct features of each and every one of your refrigeration machines.

STAF manufactures electrical cabinets and switchgear boxes in its own workshops, all while complying with the current international standards, particularly in terms of safety and quality.

We only design cabinets and switchgear boxes, intended for the field of refrigeration and air treatment.

In addition, we take heed of the energy saving aspect when selecting electrical components, regulators and automatons. As a matter of fact, we take measures aimed at minimizing the energy costs generated by our installations to allow our customers to cut corners and save money.

A team of professionals at your service

STAF is well equipped with the essential resources to install, maintain and repair your refrigeration installations, not only in terms of equipment and tools, but also in terms of skills and technical expertise.

We bet on young, proactive and extensively-trained human resources to carry out all the necessary interventions according to your projects.

Experts in industrial refrigeration and regulation, our automation engineers and technicians are at your disposal to support you in boosting your industrial or commercial activity.

Do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries, additional information or even free and non-binding quote requests.