Over 25 years of experience in industrial and commercial refrigeration

Ever since its foundation in 1996, our group has been dedicated to aiding its customers and covering market expectations. We are convinced that everyone should have access to healthy food products.

In fact, we all share one strong belief: environment-friendly technologies. We are fully aware that this objective constitutes a major issue for industries and professionals. Which is why we offer our quality installations, mixing  efficiency and environmental respect.

Compagnies serving refrigerated logistics and the food industry


A company specialized in designing and implementing  industrial and commercial refrigeration projects. We also take care of the maintenance of various installations.

Our intervention scope covers North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Eco froid

We manufacture refrigeration units and power stations for the local and export markets.

Any unit manufactured or assembled by EcoFroid is equipped with the Copeland range of compressors (leader in compressorized refrigeration systems).

Apart of Copeland, we are proudly representing other major brands regionally like Dixell or Alco from the American giant Emerson.


We take care of refrigeration, electrical and regulation machines and accessories (refrigeration units and compressors, ice maker machines, evaporators, condensers, copper and refrigeration accessories, isothermal panels and doors, refrigeration gases and oils, automats and regulators, various accessories, etc.).


Thanks to STAFROID,  rental of negative cold storage rooms is possible. The company has its own refrigeration station located in Jedaida, west of Tunis. We offer a wide range of cold storage rooms and related services (provision of handling equipment, telemonitoring, technical monitoring, CTM (centralized technical management) , etc..


This company’s main focus is the design and implementation of regulation and CTM (Centralized Technical Management) solutions. STAFELEC offers as well wiring of electrical cabinets for the industrial refrigeration and air treatment sector.

Staf services

The core activity of STAF Services is consulting : It’s all about study and advice on investment and marketing in the fields of industrial and commercial refrigeration.

The company operates in North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.