Industrial refrigeration company

During its quarter of a century of existence, STAF has developed significant know-how in the field of industrial cooling. We have a multitude of achievements in different branches such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, fertilizers, plastics and many others.

The cold production solutions that we offer concern both the process and the cold storage of raw materials or finished products.

Among our achievements: :

  • Dairies, yogurts, cheese factories: Cold for the process, rapid cooling tunnels, cold rooms and refrigerated work rooms.
  • Beverage industry.
  • Fish processing industry.
  • Fruit processing industry.
  • Cooked meals: construction of clean refrigerated rooms and positive and negative temperature rooms.
  • Egg storage: construction of cold rooms for eggs for consumption as well as cold rooms for hatching eggs requiring precise control of temperature and humidity.
  • Pastry and bakery products industries: realization of cold rooms, refrigerated and filtered air production rooms as well as refrigerated work rooms.
  • Juice industries: construction of cold rooms.
  • Ice cream industries: construction of positive and negative cold rooms, production rooms and refrigerated work rooms.
  • Chocolate factory: Design, sizing and production of glycol water refrigeration installations for cooling drums on chocolate production lines.
  • Wine cellars: Wine cellars are distinguished from other cold rooms by the stability of the temperature of the air blowing at a constant speed, which depends on the volume and geometry of the room.
  • The seed industry (potatoes and others) – control of humidity and light.