Piping, expansion valves and various refrigeration accessories

Premium quality piping, expansion valves, valves and refrigeration accessories

STAF is your quality provider with piping to build your refrigeration installation. We provide you a premium quality of proper thickness piping and expansion valves; to be precise, it’s a refrigerant fluid flow regulator allowing liquid fluid to expand and to adjust its flow. Furthermore , we offer high quality orifices which are carefully selected.

This is not everything. Our portfolio also includes a wide range of premium quality valves and refrigeration accessories.

Irreproachable product quality

It was always our credo : guarantee quality and durability in everything we supply. To reach such ambition, we made the choice to select world-renowned international partners. This is how we supply you , our lovely customers , with a wide range of refrigeration products but also multiple accessories.

If you need more reassurance, we are pleased to confirm that the copper pipes we supply carry European quality certification.

Our products portfolio also provides various expansion valves and refrigeration accessories to reply to your needs. Our expansion valves can be thermostatic or electronic format. They are reliable, accurate and massively used in refrigeration systems for the food and logistics/distribution activities.

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Accessories that comply with standards

We are firmly convinced that meeting our customers expectations is mainly related to our ability  to offer a wide range of accessories. With us, you can benefit from superior quality thermostatic manufacturing plus essential equipment to have a smooth functioning of your refrigeration machine.

All our products meet international standards in terms of quality, reliability and safety.

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