Expertise in studies and consulting in the refrigeration sector

As a leading supplier of refrigeration machines in Africa and abroad, STAF provides its customers with high quality equipment.

We offer services in terms of studies and consulting in order to support our customers in carrying out their project to success.

Capitalization on experience

Over its 25 years of existence, STAF has capitalized on a great deal of knowledge and field experience. This know-how is put to the benefit of our partners through our consultancy and research services.

Thus, our company is committed to overcoming any challenge and exceeding your expectations to in helping you achieve all your goals.

Our internal studies office intervenes as early as the launch of the project idea with participation in its studies and premises’ layout.

It carries out the necessary studies (thermal balances, electrical balances, dimensioning, etc.) and selects the equipment and accessories to be supplied to the site in collaboration with that site’s managers

At the installation level, our design office advises and explains to the customer each technical choice made concerning the selected refrigeration machines or accessories.

Our internal studies office organizes the supplies of equipment and accessories and plans the completion of the project within the agreed deadlines.

The quality department of our design office ensures the compliance of the technical choices and their proper execution on site.

It goes without saying that the supervision and installation of any equipment supplied by STAF is done on the basis of optimized energy consumption.

A team of experts in the field of refrigeration

When it comes to project studies in industrial refrigeration, STAF is well-equipped in terms of knowledge capital, software, as well as human resources

Thanks to our engineers and site technicians, we provide you with expertise in design and project implementation in industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Any project begins with a first contact, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your potential projects.