Seed and potato refrigeration station Agri-pack Soliman

Refrigeration complex of nine cold rooms and work rooms, with a volume of 11,000 m3 in Soliman, on behalf of […]

Refrigeration complex MP GIAS Goldina

Refrigerated complex of six cold rooms, refrigerated airlocks, loading docks and defleshing of refrigerated work rooms, with a total volume […]

Fruit refrigeration station Bellagha Chaouatt

Fruit station with a volume of 10,500 m3 in Chaouatt, Consisting of six cold rooms, an airlock and a refrigerated […]

Ice factories Dahlia Ice Bouargoub

Two ice factories, one flake-ice machine and the other Tube-ice machine of 15t/d capacity each on behalf of the Dahlia […]

Refrigerated logistics platform Lumiere Sahline logistics

Logistics station consisting of six positive and negative cold rooms, airlocks, refrigerated sorting and delivery rooms with a total volume […]