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Logistical stations are characterized by the large quantities of food products that are stored or transiting, this may increase the risk of rupture of the cold chain.

In addition, the ceilings of cooling local are generally high. This can lead to stratification phenomena.  

This is why we ensure, particularly in the design of this type of project, to minimize the infiltration of outside air, as well as ensure good homogeneity of the interior air inside the refrigerated premises.

The air shall be blown at speeds and in sufficient amount to reach equally all products in storage or in transit.

Reception and delivery areas are obviously most sensitive thermally because it depends on methods of handling and implementation.   

To minimize losses due to handling in these areas, a list of recommendations is transmitted to the partner, during the commissioning of the station.

Given the major powers generally installed for this type of project, we offer solutions integrating economy oriented energy technologies.


For the Hospitality as we propose to restore effective refrigeration solutions and high efficiency.

The cold production machines can be individual or centralized, but in both cases they are low noise.

When the evaporators used in these applications, they are low-profile and small footprint.


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