ExpertiseMass Retail

STAF accompanied all major mass retail chains such as Carrefour, Monoprix and Magasin Général-Auchan in their development, and that, since their implementation in Tunisia for some and the modernization for others.


STAF also completed the cooling and cold storage facilities of hypermarket and several supermarkets in Algeria.

We realized for each store, a special study for the design, selection and installation of appropriate equipment.

The majority of these stores are in urban areas and with different size and geometry, every time we have adapted our choices on actual data of the building as well as to environment.



The preliminary studies for the realization of refrigeration and stores regulation must take into account specific constraints relating to:

  • Energy saving
  • Optimization of machines yield
  • Congestion
  • Noise Control
  • Control of vibrations and resonances propagation in the building



During achievement phase we provide:

  • The supply and installation of cold production machines, cabinets and the eclectic wiring, refrigeration cabinets, ice factories, thermal insulation equipment and GTC.
  • Refrigeration and electrical connections.
  • The pressurized to test the cooling circuits.
  • The refrigerant charge.
  • The commissioning and tune-ups after starting points (determination of defrost cycles, pressure settings ...)
  • The establishment and the configuration of the GTC.



In summary, we provide our partners in this sector:

  • Expertise defining requirements, for both new and remodelling
  • The supply of "accurate" equipment and implementation on site
  • The handling and control of several types of fluids
  • The implementation of GTC system for energy mastery and remote supervision
  • The preventive and curative maintenance


  • Eco Froid Industries
  • Emerson
  • Bitzer
  • Friga-Bohn
  • Bonnet Névé
  • Stafelec
  • Scottsman
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