For the white meat as well for the red meat, just after the slaughter the cooling chain starts.


Chilling :

The nature of the refrigerated environment in which the carcasses will be introduced shortly after the slaughter will be a determining factor in its quality and DLC.

Precise control of temperatures, air velocity, humidity and other parameters will achieve the targeted heart temperatures on time and master the appearance and weight loss.



Maturation :

Thanks to a well-regulated refrigeration, meat aging is accompanied by a gradual increase in tenderness.



Positive Storage :

The cold storage temperatures and blowing speeds differ depending on the duration
The geometry of the cold room, sound insulation and the choice of the evaporator should be carefully considered so that the air and temperatures are well consistent and to avoid condensation problems.


Freezing :

A frozen meat is considered to be of high quality as the sensory analysis did not detect any difference of its original quality. The deterioration of the quality of the frozen product is a function of the storage quality (stable and uniform temperature) and time.
In summary, effective cooling and freezing of red meat and poultry are essential so that at the end of the string, we can offer the consumer quality food that is attractive and tasty.


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