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The ice is the best way for refrigeration of fish and shellfish, because the product temperature is kept between -0.5 ° C and 1 ° C and the surface is kept wet.
Crushed ice is mostly used for the conservation and presentation of seafood products in commercial circuits.

Correct dimensioning and selection of an efficient ice machine and cold production machine that accompanies it may be an important source of savings on energy costs.


Widely used for the storage of packaged seafood, this method also applies to not packaged products, provided that certain precautions are taken at the design of the cold room to avoid the risk of oxidation and drying.


The frozen seafood products are obtained by quickly lowering the temperature of the heart so as to stop any biological and microbial activities.

We suggest that these decreases in temperaturethrough efficient equipments such as freezing tunnels (static or dynamic). Frozen products are then stored in cold rooms at negative temperatures (-18 ° C to -25 ° C) for periods that can be quite long.


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