ExpertiseFruit and VeretablesPositive Storage

Most fruits and vegetables are alive at the time of their introduction in cold storage: they breathe. they are fragile goods.

Also, in the design of cold rooms for F and V, we consider :

  • The nature of the product, its storage density and the inlet and outlet temperatures.
  • The humidity, that we must master inside the cold room.
  • The quantities introduced and the input and output rates.
  • The type of storage (packed or not, shelved or not, crate or pallet boxes ...).
  • The tolerated loss of weight .
  • The duration of the planned storage.

In parallel, we must provide the product with the best possible storage so it can keep its physicochemical properties and this is done, taking into account :

  • Physical characteristics of the product.
  • The unique ability of each fruit and each vegetable to withstand refrigeration.
  • The maximum allowable storage time for each product.
  • Heat and gases from certain products.
  • Odors released from some products.
  • Technical maturation of products in cold rooms.
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