Energy Saving

Since its creation STAF, paid special attention to energy aspect in the field of refrigeration.


It was among first companies to offer refrigeration systems with floating HP, a major source of energy savings, thanks to its partnership with the company holding the patent.

It has also innovated in the late 90s, by incorporating some accessories on its refrigeration circuits to reduce pressure losses.


STAF also offers since several years, variable speed on its compressors and some motorised fan, to optimize consumption.

Furthermore, STAF recommends its partners to use fluids environmentally friendly and with high yields.

Above all, STAF offers consistently with refrigeration facilities it achieves the integration of electronic control boxes as well as building management systems "GTC", that can manage simultaneously all energy consumer sources, either in a plant, a packing house, supermarket, hypermarket, or other.


These energy saving solutions are designed to adapt to different types of refrigeration facilities we offer, ranging from simple condensing unit until completely centralized multi-compressor installation.


Our GTC solution consists of software installed on a PC, control cabinets and control boxes deported.

These regulators, connected to the PC are used to control in a pre-programmed manner the components of the refrigeration system (compressor, motor fan, evaporators, pressure reducer, electrovalve, sensors, resistors ...) and all the energy consumer points on site, such as air conditioning, heating, lighting and many other sources of consumption.

This global system, also capable of deballasting, can significantly reduce the total energy consumption on site.