STAF is the Tunisian leader in commercial refrigeration

It is also a major actor in the industrial refrigeration, in Tunisia and in several other African countries, including Algeria, Libya, Senegal, Nigeria ...

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Founded in 1996 by Khalil SLAMA, energy engineer,
STAF lent since its creation, special attention to the energy aspect in the field of cold. She was among the first companies to offer refrigeration systems with floating HP, a major source of energy savings, thanks to its partnership with the company carrying the patent. It has also innovated in the late 90s, incorporating some accessories on its refrigeration circuits to reduce pressure losses. STAF also provides for several years, the rate of change of its compressors and some of its fan motor, to optimize consumption. Moreover, STAF recommends to its partners the use of ecological fluids and high returns. Above all, STAF offers systematically with refrigeration facilities it achieves the integration of electronic control boxes as well as building management systems

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